Comments Texas’ Proposed Rule Due Oct. 18

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) released four proposed rule actions for public comment, as approved by the TDHCA Governing Board on September 2. Comments are due by 5 p.m. CT on October 18.

  • Chapter 10, Subchapter G, Section 10.801, Proposed Amendments to Affirmative Marketing Requirements: revisions proposed relate to the applicability of marketing to veterans, providing a sample for the Fair Housing logo, and clarifying when marketing should begin.
  • Chapter 1, Subchapter C, Proposed Previous Participation and Executive Award Review and Advisory Committee: revisions reflect changes put in place by the Comptroller for the Texas Grant Management Standards (TxGMS), previously the Uniform Grant Management Standards; implement Senate Bill 2046 (we were already doing this but revised the wording to more closely mirror the bill); and address changes related to the evaluation and process related to streamlined four percent applications.
  • Chapter 1, Subchapter D, Uniform Guidance for Recipients of Federal and State Funds: revisions clarify requirements for participants of the Department’s program; implement changes related to Texas’ Grant Management Standards; and permit subrecipients of certain programs to receive a reasonable fee for their administration of certain programs under the State Housing Trust Fund rather than reimbursement based on documentation of incurred administrative expenses.
  • Chapter 26, Texas Housing Trust Fund: repeal and proposed new replacement.

The proposed rule actions can be found on the TDHCA Public Comment Center at